Jammin' with Danny Frazier Band-Cincy Vibe Magizine April 2012
There are few (good) original bands in the city and even fewer original country bands. The only two that come to mind are the Dan Varner Band (which you should already know and love) and the Danny Frazier Band. They have much different styles but one thing in common, both feature the multi-talented Nick Netherton. 

Danny Frazier hails from Texas. The son of a preacher man, Danny grew up making music and singing at the church. He’s been quoted as saying “You learn to pick a guitar or bow a fiddle before you learn to ride a bicycle” From Texas he went on to form the band Frazier River here in Cincy. His original work drew attention as two of his tunes ended up in the charts; “She Got What She Deserves” (#57) and “Tangled Up in Texas” (#67). You can hear new versions of both on the band’s self titled CD. The release is well produced and slickly recorded. It sounds ready for serious radio play.

The Danny Frazier Band has an “Easy listening” country vibe (on their release). The norm today is the “hard drinkin’ rockin’ country” that straddles rock and country with a foot in each side, lately, more and more country bands lean towards the rock side (bigger pool of buyers). DFB has stood fast with both feet firmly planted in the country side. The live show is a bit different, the band hits both sides (and all sides) of rockin’ country and classic country.

The tracks on the original release are all solidly classic country; “Something in You” Is an easy listening country love song. “Birmingham Steel” and “Money Don’t Make People” are cool working man’s country tunes. “Everything About You” is a lost love country song. “Tangled Up in Texas”, the past chart maker soothes you, much in the style of Lyle (Lovette). “Last Request” and “It Wont Bring Her Back” are both teary ballads, a classic country staple. “Heaven is Smiling” is a relationship love song that oozes Gospel. Chart maker “She Got What She Deserved” Is a quintessential “she left me” love song (you have to have one of those). The DFB does a 180 with “I Don’t Want to See You Again”. That one’s a “I wish you loved me but you don’t so piss off” love song. Didn’t see that coming did you? Finally, “That’s Why I’m Here” takes a unique approach to love songs (they have a lot of those) This one’s about “being in love with your home town” love song. Sort of Mellencamp-ish in prose, but pure country in playing.

By the pro sound of it all you’d think big company money was spent to buy time in a high dollar studio that fairly reeked of the smell of high grade leather and old money, but no. This is grassroots recording. You’d think the band would be put off by Kid Rock style kick ass country but no, the live show shows off the band’s ability to rock and they do some ass kickin’ of their own.

After all, they do have Nick Netherton in the line up (guitar, mandolin, vocals). Any band Nick’s in is going to have his savage closed eyed solos and searing six string work. I think he brings a rock back bone to the Danny Frazier Band. They embrace it and it brings out the rock in them as well. And their smiles.  Danny himself sings like a trained prodigy and his guitar playing is smooth as a preacher’s palms. Gregg Amburgy lays down a fine foundation on the bass. Together with drummer Mark Gray they complete and solidify the rock solid tight & polished sound the band has. The entire band is loaded like a cop’s Glock with talent.

Original local music is hard to find, good originals are even more rare. Danny Frazier mixes a perfect blend of popular covers and good originals. Any local country fan should see them for themselves.

You can see more and hear all the songs (thankfully they shrugged the trend to only offer 30 second snippets like many bands) and check out photos on their site dannyfrazierband.com if you’re a country fan, you might be surprised what this local Cincy band has to offer.

Danny Frazier Band with Scotty Bratcher
Danny Frazier played the Coyote Ridge just north of Cincinnati, in Monroe, Ohio November 5, 2011. Local guitar prodigy Scotty Bratcher played with the band and the music was smoking. The band played a combination of Country, Blues and classic Rock and the level of musicianship was, to say the least, impressive.

Danny had a record deal with Decca Records back in the 90s which scored two charted singles. His voice is warm and still worthy of national attention. He has plenty of charisma and his original stuff is polished and radio ready. While his whole band is filled with excellent musicians who provide a tight sound, one of the standouts is guitar/fiddle player Nick Netherton. Nick provided extraordinary work on both insturments as well as great vocals.

The night I saw the band Scotty Bratcher showed up to sit in. The last time I saw Scotty, he was about 13 or fourteen at the old Burbank's restaurant in Sharonville. He was great then and now at 24 he is unbelievable. While he is often dedicated to the Blues, he also provided some seriously hot Country licks.

If you have not seen Danny or his band in a while, put it on your list of things to do. You can get information and check out their schedule by visiting their website at DannyFrazierBand.com and you can check out the web site for Scotty Bratcher at ScottyBratcher.com. ~John House, Cincinnati Music Examiner, November 6, 2011

Danny Frazier Band coming to Coyote Ridge
A few months ago I wrote a piece on the Kenny Welch Band and in the post I mentioned seeing one of the sidemen for the Danny Frazier Band sitting in. I was so impressed that I put seeing the Danny Frazier Band on my to-do list. Finally this weekend I will get to check out this mainstay of the Cincinnati Country music scene at the Coyote Ridge in Monroe, Ohio.

For those not familiar with Danny, he hit the music scene big in Cincinnati in 1991 with the Frazier River Band. The band signed a record deal and released one record on Decca Records in 1996. The album had two singles that charted but things didn't work out with Decca. Since then, Danny has his own band. I have not seen him perform in years so I am really looking forward to it.

For those of you that have never been to the Coyote Ridge, it is located at exit 29 off of Interstate 75 and remains a great room for live music. Danny and the boys will be performing there Friday and Saturday November 4 and 5, 2011, around 9:30 p.m.. ~ John House, Cincinnati Music Examiner, November 4, 2011